Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2012

Gazzetta, Tuttosport and Corriere dello Sport Headlines: 21st November 2012

Gazzetta dello Sport

Juve Juve Juve!

  • Fantastic match from Conte’s men: the Champions of Europe beaten 3-0.
  • Quagliarella, Vidal and Giovinco: the three do away with . The next round is close: a draw is needed against Lucescu’s team (already qualified). Buffon: “It is a message, enough with the doubts over us”.
: a win with an anti-fair play goal

Always Messi, 80 goals in 2012

, win at all costs

Inter hit hard
  • The judge: two matches for Cassano, one for Strama.

- remains 0-3. Cellino fury

Mauri listened to for four hours. Sculli remains quiet

Here is : “At night I have dreams of Materazzi” 

In the blue painted blue

  • Juve sensational in the Champions League too: Chelsea destroyed (3-0).
  • The Bianconeri soar with Quagliarella, Vidal and Giovinco: the next round is even closer. Now only a point is needed with Shakhtar.
“Toro get yellow cards, others get the penalties”
  • Cairo: “Is it possible that only we simulate in the area? Calvarese is unlucky with my team. A rating for my team? A nice 7″.
Allegri orders: “AC Milan, enough with the gifts”

Too few and they are used in too many matches (referees)

Inter hit hard, two matches for Cassano and one for Strama 

Corriere dello Sport

Juve you are enormous

  • The kings of Europe, Chelsea, are beaten: 3-0. Now only a point is needed against Shakhtar.
  • Quagliarella, Vidal and Giovinco: the next round is very close. And tonight there is Anderlecht-AC Milan: everything on the line for the Rossoneri.
Inter hit hard and rebel
  • Two matches for Cassano, one for Stramaccioni: the club feel like they are under the microscope.
Napoli, on the hunt for new goals. There is Acquafresca and also Calaio

Roma, the 3-0 is confirmed. Cagliari in a fury

to Bergodi: “Calm down, we will stay up”

Arcidiacono: “I want to say sorry to the police and with the Raciti” 

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