Published On: Sat, Feb 16th, 2013

Celtic manager to continue Juventus protests

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Celtic manager Neil Lennon has vowed to continue his protests against Juventus’ set-piece defending in his side’s 3-0 Champions League loss to the Italians on Tuesday.

The Scottish outfit have continuously maintained throughout the week that Spanish referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco’s decision to not award a penalty at any point was a grave injustice.

Lennon now has devised a new tactic to show his disapproval, one which will involve European football’s governing body, UEFA.

“We’ll compile a DVD and send it off and just look for an explanation on some of the decisions,” the tactician said.

“You don’t see our players doing that. There were pictures of the shirt coming off Gary Hooper’s back, credit to him for keeping his cool.

“It’s a myth that Juventus ‘did their homework’. That’s rubbish. Juventus defend like that week-in, week-out in Serie A.

“If anything we had done our homework and we made sure the referee was aware of it and he was looking at it time and again and Juventus went unpunished.

“We needed a strong referee and we didn’t have that.

“As I said after the game, 10 or 11 years ago we got a penalty against Juventus in the exact same circumstances, the player was warned about grappling with Chris Sutton, the corner comes in he did again and the referee gave a penalty.

“Have the rules changed since then?”

Celtic will travel to Turin to take on the Bianconeri in the two-legged affair’s return tie on March 6.

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  1. fahry says:

    Boriiiingggg..Grow up Lennon, you made a silly tactics by employing Efe. Even Conte didn’t put Asamoah in his squad against your side.

  2. danny says:

    i can’t believe how pathetic hes been, we see that sort of defending all the time, granted lich should have been sent off but so should hooper, they were both as bad as each other.

    can’t wait for the 2nd leg.

  3. adam rush says:

    I have seen a picture of 4 Celtic players immobilised by Juve players with their arm-enveloping “tackles”.None of the
    Celtic players are anywhere near Buffon.In the tunnel prior to kick-off Lichtsteiner can be seen exchanging big smiles with the referee and the remaining match officials are lined up among the Juve players as if they were PART OF THE JUVE TEAM.Given that Juve have a history of CORRUPTION involving referees I find it very plausible that the referee got a nice fat brown envelope. The last time Celtic played Juventus i Turin Juve were awarded a match-winning penalty 5 mins from the end WHICH WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST NON-PENALTIES EVER SEEN ON A FOOTBALL FIELD.When Celtic played AC Milan in the San Siro a few years ago THEY WERE REFUSED TWO PENS !!! If Celtic happened to be ahead in the tie then I am certain the Referee would ensure a Juve win.I hope NO Celtic fans travel to Turin because even if they looked like winning the ref will FIX the result,apart from being attacked by Juve fans in all probability. Refereeing DECISIONS CHANGE GAMES and if that Spanish CHEAT had implemented the rules of football it’s certain the score would NOT have been 0-3.What is it about you Italians that you just have to cheat ?

  4. Liston says:

    I just don’t understand why people should be surprised by Juventus at all!!!

    No. 1 They are the team largely involved in bribing scandals and you can ignore that at your own peril.
    No. 2 The UEFA boss is a former Juventus player and truely likes them and terribly hates British teams. He would have had a pep talk with the referee before the match to fix the game. Remember he promised immediately after the draw that Juventus were as good as in the next round. If you are UEFA boss in charge of the competition how do you make such careless statements.
    No. 3 He is a corrupt French himself never trust him an inch!!!

    You did your best Celtic. I wish you well. Indeed you need a strong referee because Platini’s shadow is hanging in there!!!

    Good Luck

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