Published On: Mon, Jul 29th, 2013

Juventus plan swoop for Manchester United starlet

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MarottaItalian Champions Juventus are planning a swoop to secure the services of Manchester United youngster Adnan Januzaj.

The 18-year-old Belgian has been turning in some impressive performances during Manchester United’s tour of the Far East this July.

The Daily Mail reported on  Thursday that United were keen to offer the young midfielder a new contract but according to, The Old Lady are planning a hostile move for Januzaj to lure him away from England.

Their task will not be made easy however, following Januzaj stating that he would be happy to remain with the English Champions.

“I don’t decide what happens with my contract. I’ve got people behind me who do this for me.” Said Januzaj when speaking to The Daily Mail.

“Manchester United are a big club, though.

“I love it here and I feel good so I hope to stay.”

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  1. darse says:

    hahahahahaha laughed at

  2. You idiots says:

    You fucking cunts are having a laugh

  3. Rich Gee says:

    You mad!!!!

  4. Paulinus king says:

    Juventus are crazy. They are dreamers withuot brain fuck juvi joooOooor

  5. abas says:

    hahaha! Feel like laughin more. Janusaj is a quiet lad unlike the mighty impatient ball phobia. Maybe its blood, all french players are like dat, always lookin 4 money, money,money,money. Janusaj is a potential utd legend, infact the rightful hair 2 Cr7’s throne@uventooth.

  6. Stu says:

    READ MY LIPS! Not a chance in HELL!!! The difference being that unlike Pogba this guy wants to stay at a club he loves ……..

  7. Paul says:

    Just like Pogba right….. we will see if we have room for him. Plus Man u hasnt had a midfield in a few years so they dont really need him.

  8. HFH says:

    Grandpa is not in charge anymore, so they will not make another stupid decision like the one with Pogba.

  9. olaemi says:

    All have got to say is this,you guys should stop using abusive word using it is not gonna change anything…moyes be wise and appreciate them when they are with you…it will help once other club eye them they make the best out of them…pogba for example,so painful we lost that guy to juventus.

  10. olaemi says:

    Moyes should try and sign fellaini from everton and go for either cabaye or modric…free fabregas and get this two players…up manutd!!!

  11. Eusebius says:

    Manchester utd is not joventus academy.if juve want januzag we want either machisio, vidal, or pogba

  12. Cantona says:

    Januzaj belongs to Juve… old folks team like MU can keep up with scholes, giggs, evra lol

  13. carzhim says:

    plz mr moyes dont leave dat kid.he’s a legend n ask from d official u met in d club dat who z POSEBON.good player just lyk januzaj either dead or alive we dont kno were he is. I wonder y a team lyk man’utd wil raise up player n sell dem while later searchin 4 him. Leave fab alone go 4 another player.

  14. Aniyuppie says:

    Old lady, Red devils says, ”u shld keep ur hands off Januzaj”

  15. ABDUL HANAN says:


  16. Damendra says:

    Dis should nt be d topic here, all what we need is 4 moyes 2 sigin midfielders or else man utd will be beaten by others dis season.

  17. muhammed says:

    hahaha juv are dreaming of something that cannnot happen “stupid juv

  18. Lee Dillnutt says:

    Not one of you is from Manchester!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop talkin shite when none of you are real reds. We are english champions and even if we don’t sign anyone we’ve got 3 youngsters that are ready!!!! Remember when we won it with kids you silly little idiots

  19. terry says:

    sorry cantona you flipping idiot, its juve who are the old mans team…januzaj belongs to utd you sad git.
    I feel sorry for that old age team from italy, no class, no young, no future…italy will belong to napoli.

  20. terry says:

    lingard, cole, tunni, zaha, januzaj, pereira, keane, jones, de gea, chicha, cleverley, kagawa, rafa, fabs, welbz…the future is bright, the future is united.

    Where’s juve’s youth, lol, thats right you ain’t got any thats why your know as the OLD lady

  21. Owolabi Yusuf says:

    Is Juve are crazy baa… Dem don start again jst as dy did 4 Pogba. 4 Januza, no way.

  22. terry says:

    Conor Clancy

    you not sanction my comments but then again you won’t would you cause i stated the truth about utd and juve and some worm like you won’t lime that….

    those creeps of italy have nothing that will get adnan, he aint some money grabbing no name like the untalented pig shit, oh i mean pogba.

    adnan will stay with the 2014 champions, whilst napoli spells the end of the OLD lady for good, the fossels of juve are in for a rude awakening

  23. Steve says:

    never understand why anyone would want to play in italy – corruption is rife in their game and it won’t be long befor the old granny is serving time in the lower divions for cheating yet again

  24. barry says:

    sorry lee dillnut. that talk of not being a true red cause we not from manchester, silly statement. I have followed for 20 + years over 20+ times a season. without the money us not true reds generate utd would not be club they are today. as for

  25. barry says:

    januzaj moyes needs to keep let him grow with a few other young lads there and build a great team. as for now forget fab and get a solid midfielder to replace keane. we really need one

  26. Stu says:

    Lee get over it! I have supported United for 50 years, probably before you were in nappies! United are a world wide Club! Instead of slating people back your United comrades!

  27. Stu says:

    Lee I agree with you though we have know need for any signings! We have 3 great youngsters that set the cat amongst the pidgeons on tour! Bring on the new season ……….

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