Published On: Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013

Prize Money increase for Serie A clubs

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Serie-A-fixtures-2011It has been reported that the financial incentives for clubs will improve by nearly double next season, although there will still be a significant gap between the top and bottom half of the table.

For clinching their second consecutive last term received €7.05 million from the league authority and this figure will now increase 85 percent to €13.05m.

If were to secure second place once more next season they would now receive €12.7m.

However, as reported by Fulvio Bianchi of Repubblica there will still be a sizeable disparity between the sides finishing in the top 10 with that club receiving €5.88m and the team in 13th just €3.17m in comparison.

The increase in prize money of around €40m has come from new business partners the league have acquired for merchandising areas such as video game association and trading cards.

Whatever the reasoning behind the increase to Serie A clubs all will welcome the increase as they continue to compete with their European counterparts.

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