Published On: Fri, Oct 25th, 2013

AC Milan legend lashes out at Real Madrid forward

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Franco BaresiFormer AC Milan defender Franco Baresi has lashed out at Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo for his certain behaviour in Wednesday’s Champions League match against Juventus.

The 28-year-old was involved in a controversial foul that saw Bianconeri defender Giorgio Chiellini sent off with a red card early on in the second half, which has resulted in accusations of diving and simulation, as there are a number of clips and pictures pointing out his exaggeration during the slight contact.

Baresi posted one of these pictures of Chiellini’s soft foul on his official Twitter page along with a statement condemning the Portuguese international for his actions.

“The greatest players should behave differently,” read the short statement written by the 53-year-old, which was met with much agreement from his followers.

Real Madrid ended up defeating Juventus 2-1, with both of their goals coming from Ronaldo, and will face the reigning Serie A champions again in Turin on November 5.

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  1. Of course an Italian would say that. While Madrid didn’t play to their full potential on wednesday they did deserve the win. The penalty was also just. Chiellini or whatever his name is DID pull down Ramos, a 5 year old could tell. He already deserved a yellow there, the ref let him off probably in hopes of him correcting his behaviour. His arm didn’t need to be that high Ronaldo is a tall man and he could’ve held his arm at his chest. While Ronaldo was probably overreacting it would’ve resulted in a 2nd yellow had the first one been given and he would’ve been sent off. Juventus aren’t playing that well either they lost to Fiorentina 4 – 2 when they were 0 – 2 ahead. They’re not impressing anyone and will certainly not get my sympathy. As If Juventus is such a perfect team, let’s not forget their history.

  2. slick says:

    Chellini is a hard nosed defender and is frequently pushing the boundaries, that said, referees need to make calls on the play at hand, not by previous play or their opinion of the player. Each foul needs to be judged on its own merit, And clearly Ronaldo did an acting job on that one. If the Ref screwed up on a previous call, its not ok to make up for it on the next one. For Champions league at least, since they got Cameras everywhere, they need to start going to camera while in the penalty area.

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