Published On: Thu, Dec 5th, 2013

AC Milan striker reveals Inter regret

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Balotelli - AC Milan

Balotelli –

AC Milan striker admitted at times he can be a difficult person to deal with whilst also revealing one regret he has from his time with Inter.

The 23-year-old is no stranger to controversy and but doesn’t feel he should be judged by those who don’t know him.

“I know, I am not very diplomatic,” he told BuoneNotizie. “I am instinctive and if I have an idea then I’ll express it without problems, but I do not judge people I don’t know. I’d like others to do the same.

“Judging people is damaging. It’s not so much for me, as I can survive certain things, but the people around me, my teammates and my family, who read things that were either exaggerated or invented.

“I can only say I am sorry, I cannot do more, because I know what is true and what isn’t.

“Going back, I certainly wouldn’t throw the Inter shirt to the ground. Many other things are changing compared to my past… I am trying to improve certain attitudes. But I remain, and will remain, myself.”

With Milan going through a boardroom shake-up at the minute, Balotelli has managed to out this out of his mind with recent goals against Catania and Celtic.

“Only in difficult moments do you see real men,” he continued. “It is our duty to prove ourselves now. We owe it to ourselves, the club and the Rossoneri fans.

“It is a delicate time, but our challenge is to emerge with heads held high and get back to winning ways by always playing up to Milan standards.

“I want to be the team’s leader again. After some mistakes, it is time to score goals, without ever stopping.”

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