Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2016

Top 10 Serie A Controversies/Scandals

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Few events in football are met with greater outcry or disdain when acts are viewed as controversial. The Italian game is no stranger to scandal and its global image has been permanently tarnished because of it. Here are the Top 10 Serie A controversies/scandals.


10 – Doping Allegations

juventus drugs

There have long been suggestions of doping offences being committed in Italian football. It wasn’t that long ago that Juventus players Gianluca Vialli and Alessandro Del Piero were being accused by Zdenek Zeman of putting on muscle via chemical help although nothing was ever proven. Claudio Caniggia and Diego Maradona were found to be using cocaine in the 1990s, the latter even before he stepped foot on Italian soil.

The systems in place to prevent, expose and enforce doping offences in Calcio couldn’t be described as watertight, but certainly the speculation regarding the issue isn’t frequent enough to spark a response.

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