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We are always on the lookout for new writers, so if you think you know Calcio and want to join the team get in touch by emailing us at: ForzaItalianFootball@snack-media.com


Luke Vance Barr (@LukeVanceBarr) Editor-in-chief

“Forever football will be my constant”, said the overly-emotional student from the University of Leeds. Calcio has been my passion since 1994 and long may it continue.

Luca Gunby – Deputy Editor

University of Leeds History and Italian student who spent a year abroad following Hellas and Chievo every other week in Verona. Family links to Liguria have left me with an interest in Sampdoria. I have previously contributed for hereisthecity.com. Follow me on Twitter @Gunbyzono

Thomas Tague – Deputy Editor

English sports writer who has an undying love for dodgy goalkeepers and Alessandro Del Piero. A keen interest in both the European and North American sports scenes leads to many restless nights under the bleak sky of the East Midlands. Appreciative of Massimo Ferrero’s unique everything and Mbaye Niang’s five-sizes-too-small shooting boots. May or may not have pulled a Francis Underwood to rise to my current position at FIF. Follow me on Twitter: @SerieATague

Cronan Yu (@Cronan_Yu) – Features Editor

Cronan Yu is a Law and Arts student by day, and freelance football writer by night. He has covered European and Asian football for several media outlets including Goal.com, FourFourTwo, ESPN FC, Bleacher Report, Sport360 and SB Nation.

Richard Hinman – Matchday Editor

I have always followed Italian football since a young age, and in particular my team AS Roma and their great players like Totti and De Rossi . I also enjoy watching and writing about all aspects Italian football in-particular about the big issues like Ultras and Racism. You can follow me on twitter @RichardHinman

Conor Clancy (@concalcio) – News / Features Editor

Kit nerd; calcio lover; 3-5-2 advocate; partial to a stat. Huge follower of football in Italy and Ireland, as well as keeping an eye on events in England. I will also watch the occasional MLS or South American game for good measure. Based in Bray, Ireland.

Joe Avicolli

Forza Italia! I’m an Italian-American writer hailing from New York and I love Italian football. My favourite Serie A teams are Napoli and AS Roma. Some of my favourite players are Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, Antonio Di Natale, Mario Balotelli, Daniele De Rossi and Edinson Cavani. Outside of Italian football, I am a fan of Liverpool and the New York Red Bulls. Follow me on Twitter for a variety of interesting tweets: @beardedlegend

Marco Jackson

Some years after I fell in love with Calcio, I fell in love with Turin. As such, you’ll find me generally finding me mooching around around Torino. Other teams I enjoy include Sassuolo and Lecce. My footballing passion is goalkeeping, and I find it difficult to criticise any goalkeeper. Favourite players include Baggio, Buffon, Bianchi.

Kevin Pogorzelski

My interest in Italian football began with the broadcasting of Football Italia in the early 90’s, turning to infatuation with the Champions League victories of AC Milan, Paolo Maldini an all-time hero, and Juventus in 1994 and 1996. With no allegiance to any Italian side in particuar I have a strange fascination with Genoa since witnessing them beat my beloved Liverpool in the 1992 UEFA Cup. The last two decades following the reds have strangely seen frequent contests against Italian opposition. Also writing for thefootballmagazine.com, you can follow me on Twitter: @rabbitrabbiton

Teodor Handarov

My love for Italian football, or football in general, was sparked during Euro 2000. I cried after the final and the name David Trezeguet has been taboo in my house ever since. AS Roma is perhaps my favorite football team and a loss – especially by Lazio, especially in a Coppa Italia final – could ruin my day and make me very grumpy. Totti is my favorite player and a role model of type, not necessarily a good thing judging by some of his behavior on the field.

Vito Doria

I come from Melbourne, Australia and I am a Sport Journalism student at La Trobe University. Followed Juventus as a child when Fabrizio Ravanelli played there but carried a soft spot for Sampdoria once I heard about them. The surname says it all. Switched fully to the Sampdoria cause in recent years once Antonio Cassano and Giampaolo Pazzini arrived. You can follow me on Twitter: @VitoCDoria

Ganesh Munkundan

Hey guys, my interest in Italian football started because of one player, Francesco Totti. He is my all time favourite and a true legend. I support Roma as a consequence and also like Juventus to a certain extent. My other favourite Italian players are Pirlo,Del Piero,De Rossi and DI Natale. I hope to contribute lots of articles to FIF and take it to great heights. forzaitalia!!!!

Allan Eccles

I grew up, like many, watching James Richardson leafing through the Gazzetta and have been hooked on Serie A ever since. An appreciator of all calcio but with a soft spot for La Vecchia Signora and great memories of old-fashioned trequartistas like Baggio and Zola. Despite my deceptive love of old ladies and retired playmakers I am however under 30 years old. Feel free to check out my blog – http://bookedforsimulation.wordpress.com and/or follow me on Twitter – @bookedforsimu

Joe Vivo

Born and bred in Chicago. I spent some time in Napoli as a boy and know more Napoletano than Italian. Lover of cheap beer and dirty jokes. Comm’e’ ddoce e comm’e’ bella ‘A citta’ ‘e Pulecenella Follow Joe Vivo on Twitter: @joeginto

George Rinaldi

Cover English & European football |Work with Forza Italian Football, The Offside Rule (We Get It!) Podcast covering men’s and women’s football as well as contributing to Soccer360 magazine focusing on the Bundesliga. Appeared in FourFourTwo. Twitter – @GeorgeRinaldi

Enzo Misuarca (@enzo_misuraca)

Class of ’72, I have been involved in football since the age of seven when I received my first ever Panini football sticker album. My first memories of Italian football are the crazy scenes from the 1982 World Cup, as my beloved Azzurri lifted the trophy in Spain. As an FA qualified football coach I manage senior and youth teams in Hertfordshire, UK.

Forza Italian Football was founded in 2010 as an offshoot of the Italian Serie A Football FanCast.


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  1. Guys,

    What’s going on with the podcast??? Where’s Dove, Enzo, Podrick and the French guy who’s name I can’t remember right now???

    This show was the Top Gear of Calcio!!! Finally a bunch of people that could have an informed chat about Italian football, with plenty of humour and banter thrown in. Even with the Scottish accents, this is the best sports podcast going round.

    Please get the band back together.

    Adrian Bongiorno

  2. I understand what Adrian is saying, we were used to a certain style of presentation of the podcast and so for regular listeners the change of presenters gives the impression that the podcast has taken a little dip in form recently but please understand I don’t doubt the new presenters commitment or knowledge, it’s just the “feel” has changed. Dov has appeared as a guest rather than presenter but I haven’t heard from Enzo and Padraig or Ogo recently. people enjoyed hearing Enzo rip is own hair out at Roma’s erratic form or hearing Ogo slate Milan, and of course Padraigs travelogues, although, Dov did talk up the Flying Donkeys (as always) in the last installment.
    I think that an announcement of what is happening wouldn’t go amiss would it Dov (are you still the Boss man)? Whatever happens please do not let the podcast lose its appeal. It is the best source of Calcio banter out there and I would envision a serious revolt should it ever disappear! But it doesn’t hurt to tell us what is happening.

  3. hmmm…why was my comment not posted?

  4. Leo says:

    Welcome back to the podcast.
    Not been the same without you.

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