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Who do vote for?

  • Battle over the scudetto.
  • Stramaccioni: “We will have a great derby. My future? Moratti has already decided”.
  • Famous fans- Vecchioni: “I say Milan, they are from Milan”. Altobelli: “Juve, they deserve it”.
Berlusconi: “Faith in Allegri”
  • And Galliani talks about the third star: “It is a paranoia”.
Juve pride in defence of Buffon
  • Cellino: “They are arrogant. Finish on a high Cagliari”.
Rossi, 3 month ban: “I am very upset about it”. Ljajic apologizes, not to the coach
  • The aftermath of the brawl in Firenze.


  • Milan return to agitating for the and raise their head again. Juve rally around Buffon and are irritated over the new controversies.
  • Milan-Galliani once again talks about the goal-no goal of Muntari: “I always have it on my phone…”. Then jokes with the over having the matches played at the same time. Berlusconi reaffirms his hopes in the overtake and his faith in Allegri, called out by his son Piersilvio: “Juve will not win the championship, at most it is Milan who will lose it”. And the coach asks for help from his friends at Cagliari.
  • Juve- The bianconero group has reacted with great solidarity after the hiccup against Lecce. From Agnelli to Conte the message is the same: do not give up in the next two matches. Meanwhile the goalkeeper is shown faith by the club who dedicated a video on Facebook to him. Strain for De Ceglie: the fullback will miss the game against Cagliari in Trieste.
Toro, 4th of May to be reborn
  • Today at Superga with the heart of the fans who are looking to a return to Serie A. Before joining up with the squad to go to Basilica , Cairo will meet with Fassino to speed up things over Filadelfia. Ogbonna and Benussi out. Transfer news: eyes on the Uruguayan Mastriani.
Ghosts surround Stramaccioni. Prandelli: “Yes, I miss the day-to-day work”

Rossi hit hard: three months. His son: he is not a monster. Ljajic apologizes: out of the first team 

Corriere dello Sport

in the chaos

  • Cagliari-Juve at the same time as the derby: so much trouble.
  • Cellino: “They changed the match to 20.45h without notifying us: I will not organize it”.
  • De Laurentiis: “It is the right thing to also play the 3rd place matches at the same time. No early games”.
  • Galliani: “I continue to watch the Muntari goal on my phone…Allegri? He is super”.
Delio Rossi, 3 month ban
  • Banned by the judge, the team is with him, the city defends him and there are some coaches who say he was in the right. Today he will say his truth. to Guerini.
The dilemma for Interisti, to help Juve or Milan?

Roma, Totti with another record: 500 games in

Lazio-Reja divorce, Zola remains the favourite

Mou in triumph: “There is more than just the calcio that Barca play” 

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