Date: 6th June 2012 at 5:45am
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Zdenek Zeman has been confirmed as the new coach of A side Roma.

The Czech had won promotion this season into Serie A with Pescara but decided to head back to the Giallorossi after 13 years away from the Stadio Olimpico.

“I am happy and thank the club for their faith in me,” he told the press.

“I knew that sooner or later I would’ve returned here, to my city. Hopefully we can collaborate and build something together.

“We will try to win and believe in our chances, but then again I’ve never seen a Coach who didn’t. It’s also true that I was quite close to re-joining Roma in 2006.”

“Pescara should set the example. A Coach always prefers people who want to learn and improve. There are some older players who do that too, such as Aldair in my day, which was very satisfying. The transfer session starts in July and we’ll try to figure out what this team needs.

“I don’t know yet what this Roma will look like, as we have to build it. I hope to find the players that suit our project. As for the current squad, there are some who didn’t do well last season, but everyone has a chance to prove themselves.

“Francesco Totti? He is a Roma player and I deal with him the same way I do the rest of the squad. Daniele De is a midfielder, as to be the ‘regista’ he needs other characteristics. He can play in defence only in an emergency.

“People say I have changed tactically, but I don’t really agree. I want my team to entertain the fans and bring them closer to the team, giving them strong emotional responses. I hope to convince the sceptics that we can work well.

“It’s normal that you risk something in defence, but if you score 90 goals then it shouldn’t really worry you how many are conceded. Football is made up of attacking and defending, but I think for players too it is better to create than to destroy.

“I am convinced the Roma fans are always close to the team, both in good and bad times, so I hope it will be the same this year.

“The problem with football is that it’s no longer credible. Now we want to be credible and we want to be followed, proving you can have fair play in the sport.

“I think it’s wrong not to talk about , but seeing as I am a Roma employee then I will adapt to their policy.”

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