Adriano Boin Date: 16th October 2012 at 7:39am
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Gazzetta dello Sport

  • The national team ask Balotelli and Osvaldo for the goals to beat Denmark and make the path to Brazil easier. The C.T.: “Difficult match”. Buffon in doubt, the doctor: “He will decide whether to play”.
  • The Under 21 in Sweden for the Euros.
Cassano: “I can’t understand why won’t call men up”
  • “Messi is the best player of all time”.

“Juve-Napoli is worth the scudetto: the key man will be Vucinic”

  • The C.T. of Japan speaks.
offers himself to the Rossoneri. And Boateng launches the pant-skirt
  • Last chance for the Ghanaian.
Lotito: “ with 18 squads and we will save 60 million”


“Juve are better”

  • Lippi previews the match at the sold out stadium.
  • “Napoli are a great team however: it will be a show. But why are matches like this played after the national team?”.
  • Juve 2 in Serie B: the idea is liked.
  • “In the past I have said no to Juve three times”.
  • “The bianconeri only want players who are like soldiers”.
Boateng out. Milan look to Strootman

Ancelotti: “De Rossi? In January…”

Azzurri, watch out for Denmark. The Under in Sweden

Junior: “Yes, Wellington is good enough for Toro”

  •  The ex-star of the Granata sponsors the Brazilian goalscorer: “He scores and fights, the fans would like him”.
Pro, they return to Vercelli: with Camolese

Abodi launches “the future B” 

Corriere dello Sport

Insulting Italy!

  • The C.T. Olsen returns to talking about the “biscotto” that knocked us out of the 2004 Euros and accuses our calcio: “The thief always thinks that others are stealing”. looks to the World Cup: “I only want to win”.

Ancelotti calls De Rossi

  • “Daniele is a great professional and PSG has the funds: it can happen in January”.

Buffon or De Sanctis? venom on the

  • Key test for the Bianconero today. Morgan: “Gigi will decide whether to play, but our professionalism cannot be put into question”.

Cassano against and Juve: “I refused them, they wanted little soldiers”

And the Under 21 have the Euros on the line against Sweden

Now Milan wait for Robinho and Pato

Klose, no more cartwheels: “I am at risk of being injured”

Terni enjoy the best in Italy