Published On: Tue, Oct 30th, 2012

Manchester United winger wants to speak with Juventus

Manchester United midfielder Nani’s future seems to be far from England, and far from Old Trafford.

The Portugal international wants out of Manchester United for a number of reasons including his relationship with manager Sir Alex Ferguson, continued spats with the team, and his inability to get regular playing time this season.

There is also a gigantic debate about why he would make the decision to abandon the Manchester United jersey at only 25-years-old.

In an exclusive by, they spoke with people close to the player who have revealed what is happening around the ongoing situation.

Reportedly, the brother of the midfielder, José Emiliano Almeida Araujo, has asked for, but up until now has still not obtained a meeting with Juventus to discuss a move to Turin.

The problem lies with Nani’s real agent, Jorge Mendes, who had allegedly been requesting €40 million for the midfielder, which had caused Juventus initially to back off from the talks.

Manchester United are suspected to be looking for €15-20 million for the playmaker in order to allow him to leave the English club.

Nani himself would be looking for about €10 million a year, which is a very extravagant contract for Italian football.

Juventus could possibly be the only team with the credentials to negotiate a lower price, which would mean they are the only one’s who are thinking about him at the moment.

Nani and his entourage will be hoping to meet with the directors of the Bianconeri in the coming weeks to discuss financial terms with the player, and to see if a deal can be worked out that will bring the Portuguese player to Turin.


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