Enzo Misuraca Date: 3rd December 2012 at 1:11pm
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is pleased to bring its readers a regular new feature – Il Mister. Our experts will endeavour to show you all the methods and tactical secrets employed by ’s best football coaches.

Former and coach, is a highly experienced and respected tactician. In an earlier article, we brought you some of the corner schemes that Di Carlo uses. In this article, we will move on from corners and bring you his favoured movements from a kick off, free kicks and throw-ins.

As you will see, nothing is left to chance when it comes to set plays and Di Carlo likes to have these pre-rehearsed actions perfected as much as possible to give his team the edge over the opponent when it comes to dead ball situations.

Kick Off 1

Player 11 takes the kick and passes to 10. 10 feints a pass back to 11 but feeds instead 7 who has made a sharp run forward.

In the meantime, 11, 9 and 8 have also made runs deep into the opponents half.

When 7 receives the ball he is looking to cross the ball into 9 who will attempt to either flick the ball on or head into the path of 11 or 8 who can then get a run in on goal.

Kick Off 2

Our second play sees 11 pass the ball forward to 10 who knocks it back to 4.

Four holds the ball up for 6 who will hit the ball deep for 9.

Runs into the opponents half will be made by 3, 8 and 11 who will be hoping to collect the flick on won by 9.

Seven will also join the attack, ghosting in on the opposite side of play to exploit any eventual cross that might come from 3.

Free Kick 1

A free kick is curled in very flat and at pace by 11.

The kick is only executed once 10 has made a run out of the box.

At this moment, 3 and 9 make a run to the near post making space for 5 and 8 to attack the ball in the area vacated by their team mates.

Six will make a move towards the far post in case the ball finds itself flicked on.

Free Kick 2

Two passes the ball backwards to 7.

Two then makes a dummy run out wide to confuse the closest markers.

Seven dribbles forward with the ball just as 4 has made a sharp run into the box which should be free of defenders, as they will be mostly pre-occupied with man marking 8, 6, 10, 9 and 11 who have lined up on the opposite side of the area.

If 4 gets the ball successfully he should have a chance of shooting at goal.

Throw In 1

Two will take a long throw hoping to reach player 9.

The move will only start when 7 makes a run towards the thrower as if to receive it but then continues his run to outside of the box.

Four does a similar run at the same time but remains just inside the area.

Whilst these runs are being made, 10 sprints into the space vacated by 7 and 4 in the hope of receiving a knock down from 9.

Ten then has an option to hit a cross into the six yard box or dribble to goal.

Throw in 2

Our final move is again a throw in taken by 2 looking for 9.

This time 4 makes a dummy run across the flight of the ball. 7 also makes a run towards the thrower but then checks back into the box.

The throw is aimed at 9 who knocks the ball down for the returning run of 7 who should have the chance for a shot or dribble in the area.

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