Date: 6th February 2013 at 7:58pm
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Inter President Massimo Moratti was interviewed by at Inter Club in Imbersargo, a locale heavily associated with the oil baron’s family.

The Nerazzurri chief discussed a wide range of topics in the sit-down, including qualification, Inter’s business dealings with their Chinese associates, and the club’s ambitions to build a ground of their own.

Presidente, you’re back in Imbersago, which you’re very fond of. How important is it to feel the warmth of the people, people who are always close to you, especially when things aren’t going so well?

“That’s a nice question. I must say it’s needed, you feel alone when things aren’t going right and it is only right that such is the case since decisions are made in solitude. My logic is to have people surrounding me who want the best for me, who admire me, and who I am close to. I believe it helps one to work with more calm as you said.”

You talked about plans, specifically Inter as a long term project. Concerning this season, how important is it to reach the Champions League spots to plan for the ?

“Another good question. It’s true that it’s very important, not only from an economic standpoint, but also for the ambition and honor of the club. We can’t think about the future and abandon the present, though, since we need to be motivated by everything that comes our way, not just the fact that AC Milan are in the same position [in the Serie A table] as we are right now. We must do better and reach the Champions League.”

With reference to the board, the deal with the Chinese is still being discussed. What is keeping these negotiations  that have been ongoing from concluding, as some supporters are beginning to doubt their completion?

“I think the supporters understand the negotiations well, something that you [] have a key role in since you found the photo of Meng Feng-Chao with the shirt. On their side there is a desire to finalise the deal, a will which has always been there. However, some stipulations laid down have been in conflict with Chinese laws. They haven’t managed to solve these issues and give us a satisfactory offer. We have an important contract signed with them, but I don’t think it will be worth it to put them in a situation where they have to respect it since there may be parts of the deal they cannot uphold.”

Is there a deadline?

“From one point of view it has already been passed. We’re trying to see how we can resolve the situation since we have a standing request on their part to find a definitive solution since they want to build our stadium. Right now it’s me who’s not convinced.”

The new stadium project is moving forward in other ways, as we seen you’ve had meetings with companies like Mabetex. Is building a stadium just for Inter a goal for the club?

“Yes, surely it is a goal for the club that is necessary economically, as well as for Inter to modernise. Having our own stadium would allow the club to function better.”

Recently, the Lega had a meeting where Inter lost influence because the club is no longer represented. Will there be a chance for Inter to return to the political field and the media?

“What happened in the Lega was very strange. It seems that they chose between two sides who each speak of a specific method of politics. Neither us, nor Juventus or the other clubs wanted to join in, but Milan wanted to. We’re calm enough to remain on the outside; if the position in the Lega influences decisions in football, then we are indeed on the outside. Still, I think decisions should be made together since it is impractical that the clubs that give football 70 per cent of its income are on the outside.”

Yesterday Antonio Cassano defined you as a true man in a world of clowns, how would you respond to this?

“He was very kind and straightforward; that’s how he is. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart; now we’ll try to win since that’s what matters to people in the end.”

How much will does Massimo Moratti have to keep leading Inter?

“The difficult times give you even more resolve since you don’t have a second of calm. Things become more solid in better times, so we’ll hope to enjoy something good in the end.”

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