Published On: Wed, Feb 6th, 2013

Lo Monaco reveals he had Palermo’s best interests in mind

Pietro Lo Monaco has admitted that Palermo was not big enough to contain both he and owner Maurizio Zamparini’s ego.

The ex-general manager resigned and Gian Piero Gasperini was sacked on Monday, highlighting the disarray at the joint last placed club.

This comes after Giuseppe Sannino and Giorgio Perinetti were both canned in September, although Perinetti has been rehired as the new director of football.

“I wanted to build a great Palermo. That was my idea,” Lo Monaco told Mediagol.

“The first thing I was told was that we had two strong characters [he and Zamparini] and it was clear that there was only space for the owner of the club.”

“I can only acknowledge that. What I tried to do, especially in the last month, was a great task.”

“Sending 13 players away and buying 10, practically erasing a lot of the problems that could have arisen in the future is a good thing I think. Especially in light of the fact that the financial budget was not touched, in fact, there is word that it is even better.”

“[German] Denis was a real target if Atalanta signed another striker? We were there, we were not sleeping, as we were aware of the situation. But you don’t get anywhere with “if’s” or “but’s”.”

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