Published On: Tue, Mar 5th, 2013

Cellino being housed in an ‘unsuitable structure’

It seems that it is not just the Is Arenas that is unfit for purpose for Cagliari president Massimo Cellino as he has now complained about the Villamassargia building in which is being held.

He was arrested on Valentines Day although the terms of the original charges have since been altered and Cagliari have taken to their Facebook page to tell of the circumstances the premiere finds himself in.

“The lawyers of president Cellino wish to report the extreme hardship in which he finds himself,” the Rossoblu said.

The building in which he is currently housed is still under construction and has no hot water or heating and the kitchen is inhabited only by Cellino and the caretaker according to these reports.

It was also claimed that “the building is uninhabitable and devoid of life.”

The terms of the house arrest for the structure, located 50km away from Cagliari also prevent any of his relatives, including his wife, from visiting and he can only have contact with residents of the facility.

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