Published On: Thu, Apr 25th, 2013

Audio: Giancarlo Rinaldi and 20 Great Italian Games

Forza Italian Football Editor Dov Schiavone catches up with Giancarlo Rinaldi, Serie A writer and author of new book, 20 Great Italian Games.

Italian football has captured the hearts and minds of many throughout its illustrious history with great players, captivating coaches  and magical moments littering the Calcio landscape.

But the one thing all these elements have in common is the game itself, dramatic, tense and neurotic, but with an uncanny ability to unleash unbridled moments of joy and elation. This is the game we love.

The pair take a magical mystery tour around Italian football, looking at Giancarlo’s favourite matches and memories of the game, as well as some not so delightful reminiscings.

Remember as well you can follow Giancarlo on Twitter @Ginkers, but more importantly you can buy his book, 20 Great Italian Games via Amazon by clicking this link.

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