Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2013

Calcio Coaching: A session with Carlo Ancelotti

AncelottiForza Italian Football is pleased to bring its readers a regular new feature – Il Mister. Our experts will endeavour to show you all the methods and tactical secrets employed by Serie A’s best football coaches.

Carlo Ancelotti is one of the most respected coaches in current circulation. The Paris St Germain technician had enormous success whilst coaching AC Milan and in this edition of ‘Il Mister’ we will bring you a snapshot of a day in the life of the Rossoneri players under the tutelage of Ancelotti.

Warm-Up – Ten minutes

Using half of the football pitch, 11 players jog around freely, passing footballs amongst each other. This simple passing exercise is broken up by stretching routines and various runs to get the body up to temperature.
Drill 1: 1 v 1 – Five minutes

An area approximately 30mx30m is set up on the edge of the 18 yard box.

A defender is placed outside of this area and feeds a ball into a forward. As the defender passes the ball he steps into the area ready to defend.

The forward player controls the ball and dribbles into the area, hoping to beat the defender and shoot at goal.


Drill 2Drill 2: 1 v 1 receive and turn – Five minutes

The defender on the outside of the area sends a 40 yard ball to a player inside the centre circle.

That player attempts to hit the ball first time to a forward who is on the edge of the area.

The forward, who starts with his back to goal must control the ball and dribble into the area and beat the defender before shooting at goal.



Drill 3Drill 3: 1 v 1 lose your marker – Five minutes

A defender plays a 40 yard ball to a midfielder inside the centre circle. A forward and defender are waiting inside the area.

The midfielder must then pass the ball into the area for the forward, either at his feet or into space.

The forward must then control the ball and lose his marker before attempting to shoot at goal.




Drill4Drill 4: 1 v 1 offload and continue – Five minutes

A defender plays a 40 yard ball to the midfielder inside the centre circle.

The midfielder passes the ball into the forward who is marked by a defender.

Once he receives the ball, the forward offloads the ball back to the midfielder.

The forward then looks for space to again receive from the midfielder before beating the defender and shooting at goal.



drill 5Drill 5: 2 v 2 – Five minutes

A defender plays the ball out to midfielder inside the centre circle.

Inside the area, two forwards and two defenders are waiting.

The two forwards must work together to safely receive the ball from the midfielder and then attempt to beat the two defenders before shooting at goal.




Drill6Drill 6: 3 v 2 – Five minutes

A defender plays the ball out to midfielder inside the centre circle. Inside the area, two forwards and two defenders are waiting.

Once he has the ball, the midfielder moves into the area to play a 3v2 against the defenders and try and get a shot on goal.

This drill is progressed by asking the midfielder to try and make an overlap run to try and beat the defenders.

In the image we see 10, after having received the ball, dribble towards the area and pass to 8.

He then overlaps around 9, in the hope to receive a defence splitting pass from either 8 or 9.

Drill 7: 6 v 6  plus 2 keepers, practice match – Fifteen minutes

In a 40m x 30m area, two times are picked to play against each other.

The first half is limited to maximum three touches before a pass must be made.

For the second half of the match, this rule is removed.

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