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IndoInter, the offer is interesting. Moratti resists

  • The Indonesian Thohir is ready to give €300 million for 100% of the Nerazzurri. The president is evaluating the possibility of only selling a smaller percentage: “At the moment I have no intention of selling”.

Allegri is almost AC Milan. Monday he will see Berlusconi

  • Yesterday he had dinner with Galliani in order to prepare for the meeting with the owner. The meeting in Arcore will be decisive. Roma look for an alternative.

Everyone with Balo. Accused by someone under arrest. He rebels: “I hate drugs”

  • “He asked to push drugs as a joke”. Mario: “It is an embarassment”. defends him.

With Gilardino and Diamanti to score goals against San Marino

PSG, a real blow for Leo. And Ancelotti can stay

Elkann dictates the Juve line: “Grow: the model is Bayern”

Offer from for Cavani. €30 million and Torres to


Moratti, give me Inter!

  • The latest offer from the Indonesian Thohir.
  • €260 million ready for the majority ownership. €100 million to give to Mazzarri for the transfer market. The president is tempted, but the family are hesitant.

Juve, it is the day of Jovetic

  • A new offer is ready: Marrone and €12 million.
  • Today the meeting: the Montenegrin’s (“Me as a Bianconero? What an honour!”) agent will send Fiorentina the increase from Marotta. The Viola want at least €30 million in cash. In the meantime, Diego Della Valle attacks Elkann: “He is a little boy”. In the coming days there will be a push in the Higuain deal.
  • Ogbonna picks Conte. Here are four options for Cairo.

The question mark over Ventura blocks Toro

  • The doubts over the future of the coach are also stopping the deals that are in place. Raiola: “Decide on Weiss”.

Allegri stays? More trouble around Balotelli

Go -2. But Pirlo is always there


Moratti sells Inter!

  • Here is the shocking offer from the Indonesian magnate: €260 million. The president takes time but sways: heading towards a sale.
  • €100 million would be invested right away for the transfer market: Nainggolan is the first idea, then also Lavezzi. An answer will come soon.

Balotelli: “I’ve always hated drugs”

  • A man under arrest accuses Mario of pushing drugs.
  • “I only went around in Scarpia. What they are saying is false”. And tonight the national team will play in without him. There is Gila against San Marino.
  • And Empoli sequester Saponara and Regini: no Under 21.

“With a stadium my Lazio will win everything”

  • Lotito is a guest in our offices.

Allegri wrong foots Roma: he will see Berlusconi on Monday

  • The coach does not free himself from AC Milan.

“Juve are a model for everyone”

  • Elkann speaks.

For Cavani, no to Torres and €30 million

banned for nine months

  • He pushed a referee.

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