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AC Milan block Tevez

  • Galliani sees his agent in Milan and takes another step forward in the deal. Juve deny a meeting and fall back. Marotta: “We won’t take part in an auction.”

Marchisio: “Future? If I am no longer important for Juve I will look elsewhere”

  • The after the voices of his : “I will speak with the club. Proud if clubs like Manchester and Monaco are interested in me.”

Everyone believes in Balotelli. He is already a phenom in Brazil

  • Him on Twitter: “Professional, humilty and hard work”. Pele: “He is a great”. Neymar wants him as a friend.

Inter, Isla is closer. And look to Nainggolan

here is Joaquin. Roma, there is Paulinho


Tevez to AC Milan, Juve what will you do?

  • The agent of the Argentine met with Galliani and also spoke about Julio Cesar. Marotta has an appointment with Real scheduled: he will make a new offer for Higuain.

Marchisio: “Let me understand if I am still important”

Inter: Nainggolan+Isla

  • Meeting Branca-: steps forward for Mazzarri’s priority. Today there will be talks with Pozzo for the Chilean.

Cavani’s mother: “City or Real”

Toro: Calaio, Almiron and…

Corriere dello Sportcor

Marchisio: “Juve, if you want I’ll leave”

  • “I’ll speak with the club to see how important I am: if they aren’t counting on me, I will look around. United and Monaco? Very proud.”
  • Pogba pledges allegiance instead: “Always here.”

AC Milan-Tevez meeting and agreement: the deal will happen

Inter change: Isla in hand. He is the winger for Mazzarri

Nainggolan, it is a battle between Moratti and Roma

Napoli get their first signing: Mertens

Lazio lands Biglia in Rome

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