Published On: Fri, Jun 14th, 2013

Top 10: Relegated Players That Deserve to Stay in Serie A

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Serie-A-logo-300x159Despite being relegated there are some standouts from the likes of Pescara, Siena, and Palermo that do not deserve to play in the lower division. Most of these individuals were the victims of a poor supporting cast of players, while others were just not at their best this season.

Regardless of the situation all of these players are of a caliber that is suited for Serie A and it would be a big disappointment having them settle for anything less.


Juan Quintero PescaraJuan Quintero

Juan Quintero was one of the few bright spots in Pescara’s lineup this season. The 20-year-old Colombian international caught the attention of many clubs with his blistering pace and his magnificent dribbling abilities. The playmaker’s great style earned him his first international cap for Colombia against Cameroon this past year.

Also, it is important to note that for these reasons it is why Quintero won’t be going down with the ship, as Genoa acted quickly and smartly to snatch up Pescara’s gem before he sank to the bottom with the rest of the relegated players that are headed for Serie B. It is a relief to know that a young player of Quintero’s abilities will remain in Serie A for all of our viewing pleasure next year.

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