Published On: Fri, Jun 7th, 2013

Top 10: What must Inter do to compete at the top level again?

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Massimo Moratti Inter

There is no argument that the name ‘Inter’ is a proud footballing name.

Steeped in history the team from the blue and black half of Milan are successful and even recently dominated all that they surveyed.

Since the historic treble in 2010, the team have let their transition slip into depression as coaches have come and gone, all failing to profit from the success the treble had created.

There is an argument, that this lack of belief after the Champions League win, was perhaps linked to Serie A’s lack of belief in itself. But the argument for ‘Did Inter’s Champions League win come two seasons too soon?’ is for another day. It is what the Nerazzurri do now that is critical and how they get back on top of Serie A and Europe.

1. Sort out their take over bid

Just as the dust had settled on the news that Walter Mazzarri had been appointed coach, president Massimo Moratti indicated that there may be a takeover bid. This was typical of the last few years in Milan, as superb news was followed by news that unsettled the club.

Whether this takeover would be a success is unknown, but stability is key for Inter and the fact that Indonesian businessman Erich Thohir is interested will not help.

Moratti maybe be hinting he will not sell, but he has to be definite one way or the other, so the club can start next season from now.

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