Adriano Boin Date: 29th August 2013 at 5:31am
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Gazzetta dello Sportgaz

Boa & Balo this is how to go!

  • AC Milan level PSV (3-0) : it is Champions League. Allegri ironic: “Maybe I will leave.”
  • Brace from Boateng and a goal from Balo. Now the transfer market: first, the final attack on Honda then Galliani will go for Matri. Today in Monte Carlo the draw (17:45): the Italians at risk.

Go : now Gomez’s first goal is needed

  • Today the return leg against Grasshopper. In Czech Republic, Udinese look for the feat against .

Inter, Thohir is arriving. In the new board of directors only two Moratti’s

  • Transfer market, the Eto’o dream vanishes: he will go to Mourinho and Chelsea.

, Nani is the target for 2014. Llorente requested: Marotta says no

  • Denis and Ibarbo are also being watched. Marrone could leave.

Ljajic to Garcia right away. Lamela: “I hope to return”

  • The Argentine goes to Tottenham.

Higuain is getting better. He will take the field without protective gear

Simeone resists. But Barca win the Super Cup

Lega, the opposition from the seven sisters arrives

  • Letter to president Beretta from Fiorentina, Inter, Juve, Roma, Samp, Sassuolo and Verona.
  • The issue is the TV rights from 2015 to 2018. Also in question is the role of the Infront advisor.


Juve, the vice Pirlo right away!

  • Attack on Nainggolan. Obiang and Krsticic the alternative.
  • The strategy for the Bianconeri transfer market changes: consolidating the midfield becomes the priority. Contact with Cellino for the Belgian, while a double deal with Samp remains on its feet.

AC Milan enjoy, actually not

  • Allegri beats PSV (3-0) and then provokes: “I will resign.”
  • Today the draw of the Champions League.

Toro, it is done for . Bye Ghoulam

, Fiorentina are already past…

want Hernandez. Livorno: Borja

Inter, Thohir and transfer market in today’s board of directors meeting

Bolt the ‘footballer’: “I want to become a legend like Pele”

Corriere dello Sportcor

The Allegri case explodes

  • AC Milan show against PSV (3-0) but the coach is furious: “I will resign”. Then the backtracking: “It was a joke”. Galliani: “It was just tension from the Champions League.”

Ljajic in Rome, he arrives and will play

Lazio- to the death: now it can happen

Napoli celebrates, Higuain will be there. And Capri rebels

€100 million: it is raining gold on

Even on Twitter, Ronaldo is the king: nobody is like him

Lega Pro, there is an agreement: to the field

  • Strike has been taken back, today the definitive yes. And Serie B will have a longer bench.

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