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Gazzetta dello Sportgaz

Pellegrini: “Moratti don’t sell, I will help you”

  • The appeal from the ex-president for an Italian Inter.
  • “I will not name names, but I know businessmen that could join me to give a hand. I hope they come forward. Massimo could continue to lead the club. Nothing against Thohir, but he did this as a business move. You must love a football club.”

Higuain lights up Napoli: “Yes, we can win the Scudetto”

  • The Argentine does not hide his ambitions.
  • “Everything is in place to win: watch out Juve”. Porto hold strong over Martinez. Giroud the alternative.

Here is King, the other Boateng. Digos: Constant quieted

  • Victory in Munich (1-0) against San Paolo.
  • The goal from the 20-year-old (he is not related to Prince). Racism: fines for Sassuolo, but for the police they were just inglorious chants.

“Stunned and disappointed”. Guardiola’s response to Conte’s thoughts

  • The Bayern coach had praised Juve , stating they had a lot of money. The Bianconero did not appreciate it. New episode.

Rossi aggression: “Super Gomez and I am looking straight at Brazil 2014”

Totti still amongst doubts. Pallotta: “Always with us”

  • The captain: “The contract states this is my last season with the Giallorossi. If I still had two season…”

The hunt on begins

  • The fixtures for Serie B.


Zuniga or Kolarov, Conte does not give up

  • The coach wants a great winger for Juve.
  • Meanwhile the are thinking of confirming all of the strikers in the squad available to the coach, at least until January.
  • And Higuain already takes on Tevez.

Vidal show. 1-1 with who then win on penalties

“Berlusconi, are with you”

  • The beat with another Boateng. Message from Allegri and the squad to the convicted president.

Toro-Savona, Immobile discovers Cerci

The roar from Rossi: “Me and Gomez, Viola dreams”

Bale to Real, €120 million to Tottenham

restart in Modena

Corriere dello Sportcor

Bale is the most expensive in the world

  • Real will pay €120 million for him!
  • Florentino Perez makes Tottenham rich who will now look to Pjanic and Lamela.
  • Stunning moves in the transfer market: the Welshman will join up with Ancelotti for a stunning fee. Now it is Roma who will be under attack.

Higuain: “Napoli you can win the Scudetto”

  • The Pipita starts the battle with Juve: “Ready to win”. Meanwhile Conte puts out the Tevez alarm: “He is only tired.”

Honda to AC Milan, continuous pressing

  • And in Munich, Boateng Jr. gifts a smile to Allegri: his goal gives the 1-0 over Sao Paolo.

to everything is done

Pepito Rossi: “I am reborn in Florence”

Offside, this is how the rules will change

It starts with Reggina-Bari

  • On the pitch on the 24th: debut at Modena.

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