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Gazzetta dello Sport

Kaka heart

  • “AC Milan is my home, I have finally returned.”
  • The has signed, the in delirium.
  • Deal reached for a two-year contract worth €4 million a season (he was getting €10 million in Madrid). “I will take my number 22 back to try and celebrate again”. Now there is the question of El Shaarawy: the competition has increased, how much space will he have?

Juve and Napoli with an 8. Then AC Milan-Fiorentina-Roma

  • The signings of Tevez and Higuain are key. But there are also Kaka, Matri, , Strootman and Ljajic. Watch out for Inter. A movement of €440 million, with a loss of €25.5 million overall. And the final triangle fell through: Quagliarella-Gila-Borriello.

From Nainggolan to Astori: is the king of ‘no’

The final deals

  • Lazio, deal for Yilmaz falls through and the youngster Perea arrives.
  • Genoa: here is Stoian, Calaio and Bizzarri.
  • Obi goes to Parma. Sassuolo: Flores.
  • Iturbe to Verona. Plasil to Catania.

Moratti happy with Mazzarri: “Ahead like this”

stings his strikers. And Rossi is on the rise

Rocks at the bus. Tosi: “It would never happen in Verona”

From Bale to Ozil, the new looks of the big teams


Nainggolan in January

  • Cellino to Juve: “Let me collect a few points and then I will let him go”. Borriello does not go to Genoa. And so the Gilardino deal falls through.
  • No last minute deal: the high wages of the Roma player are an insurmountable for the swap of strikers that would have seen Quagliarella join the Giallorossi.

Toro, the final swoop from Cairo is…Berni

  • Deal for Valdes with Parma falls through.

Kaka, delirium AC Milan: “This is my home”

  • El Shaarawy closes the door to a at the end.

Derby scandal, Torino-Juventus at lunchtime

  • The early and late matches have been set for the Serie A until Christmas.

Pegolo to Sassuolo with Floro Flores. Chievo: Ardemagni

Plasil to Catania. Genoa: Bizzarri, Calaio and Stoian

Corriere dello Sportcor

Welcome back Kaka!

  • Ricky to AC Milan and overwhelmed with love by the fans. “I am once again home, it is a fantastic day”. El Shaarawy does not leave: “I want to play with him.”

Plasil goes to Catania. Parma: Obi

  • Everyone confirmed at Cagliari.

Yilmaz no: Lazio only get Perea

  • Calaio to Genoa.

Arsenal sign Ozil:€50 million

  • Bale, what a party in Madrid.

Juve, Quagliarella stays

  • The mega-swap falls through: Borriello stays with Roma, Gilardino with Genoa.

Attack on Verona, Roma fans to be punished

  • New restrictions for fans of the Giallorossi: meeting on Sunday in Viminale.

Five sisters for the Scudetto, in our opinion they will contend like this

  • Championship under exam: Juve, Napoli, Inter, Fiorentina and Roma are already flying.

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