Published On: Sat, Oct 26th, 2013

Raiola: I was wrong to bring Balotelli back to Serie A

Mino RaiolaMario Balotelli’s agent Mino Raiola has hit out angrily at the constant headlines devoted to his client and believes he may have been wrong to take him back to Serie A.

The ‘super-agent’ was scathing in his criticism of how the Azzurri international always fills space in newspapers and websites and is irritated by the fascination with the player.

He got straight to the point and told Milan Channel: “Why do people say there are no mentors for Mario? It is yet another invention of the Italian media. In Italy, we only talk about politics and Mario Balotelli and this mentor thing is ridiculous.

“Why do we not leave him alone like other players? Why is the focus always on him? In five days of national newspapers, there are four or five stories about Mario.”

It was then that he suggested perhaps taking him away from the Premier League and shed some light on how Balotelli himself perhaps feels about people continually discussing anything he does.

“When I took him to [Manchester] City, I was just thinking about giving him a life with less pressure,” he continued. “Maybe I was wrong to bring him back to Italy.

“Whatever Mario does makes a story and his private life is a public life. I really admire Mario because during days I have spent with him I can see that the pressure is on him and I do not know if I could live like that for 365 days of the year. It is not a normal life.

“Even when Mario was thinking about buying a dog this was big news? A programme should be launched called ‘Let’s Find A Puppy For Mario’. What the hell kind of sports news is that, a man looking for a dog? Let us  just talk about the game and the goals.” VIP Lounge