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Once again another round of calcio passes us by and the Ultras from across the Peninsula have gave us plenty to talk about as Forza Italian Football looks at the best of Ultra Culture and Choreography from the past week.


It was only two weeks ago that we saw the Bologna Ultras feature in Calcio Choreography when they were being praised for their impressive turn out and flag display as they bought back memories from the glory day from the Ultra scene in the 1980/90s. This week they are again picking up the plaudits for their professionalism to the honourable side of Ultra culture. The images above were taken on Saturday, a day before their home win over Cagliari.

The leaders of several Bologna Ultra groups drafted letters to the City Council and their club president Albano Guaraldi informing them that the Ultras would hold a peaceful demonstration, on which they would march from Bologna train station through the city an on to Guaraldi’s house. The march was held to show their frustration at how Guaraldi has been running their club, the current league position and the sale of cult hero Alessandro Diamanti.

The march on the city was indeed peaceful just as the Ultras promised there was a really family atmosphere as the Bologna ultras marched alongside their partners and small children. Unfortunately the demonstration was cut short by riot police who met with the ultras head-on 300 meters away from the proposed finish outside Guaraldi’s residence.

The Bologna Ultras also put on an impressive flag  display and got behind their side in a buoyant mood as they cheered their team to a win the following day.



In stark contrast to the peaceful scenes in Bologna, the Eccellenza Campania fixture between ASD Giugliano and Virtus Volla was marred with horrific scenes of violence after a small section of the Giugliano fans attacked the Virtus Volla players as they entered the changing rooms at half time.

Just before the break an altercation broke out between two players on the pitch and as they left the field some Giugliano fans took it upon themselves to show the player involved what they thought, before climbing the fences and setting about trying to attack the Volla midfielder, this soon broke out into a mini riot as both sets of fans, and the Volla players, fought with each other.

Two Volla players suffered head injuries while five Guigliano fans were later arrested, one of which was already under a DASP ( banned from entering any professional sports event). It has been reported that there was only three policemen at the fixture, despite both sets of fans being notorious for incidents in the past. The fixture was also moved to a natural ground as a safety precaution.


Atalanta and Livorno fans have always seen eye to eye with both clubs traditionally sharing extreme left wing views, so they united on Wednesday to pay tribute to former player Piermario Morosini and produced one of those heartwarming feelings that only Ultra culture can bring.

The travailing Livorno fans held aloft a shirt with Morosini’s name and number as they sat in the section of the ground renamed in his honour. Meanwhile the Atalanta ultras let off fireworks into the sky as both sets of supporters chanted his name.

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