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Another round of Serie A  passes us by and as usual Forza Italian Football has the best of all the Ultras Culture action  from across the weekend. This week’s Calcio Choreography has been dedicated to Vujadin Boskov who sadly passed away on Sunday.

InternazionaleINTERnapoli INTERnapoli1


When Internazionale host Napoli it is always going to be a passionate affair and the Inter tifosi definitely played their part in creating an atmosphere with their pre-match choreography. the messaged displayed in the second photo down reads: “No TV organization is interested in what the fans want but without the shouting and movement of the people football is nothing. The history of football lies in passion. And it will always be like this.Without the passion football is dead: only 11 men on a field kicking a ball around. Basically complete bullshit.It’s the supporters who make football something important.”

Unfortunately for the Boys San they may have taken their passion a step to far in the eyes of the FIGC as they were once again fined for territorial discrimination against the Neapolitans  – third photo down – this time they could face a €50,000 fine and have their curva closed for the Lazio fixture which incidentally would be the farewell game for club legend Javier Zanetti, although it is highly likely the decision to close the Curva will be overturned upon appeal.


Last week we saw Serie B side Bari become the first group of ultras outside of the top flight feature in Calcio Choreography. This week AC Pisa have shown us just what Lega Pro has to offer and what a display it was as they played hosts to Lecce, a team that can also boast a lively group of ultras to say the least. Pisa’s display was a colourful mixture of smoke banners and flags plus some good old fashion scarf waving for good measure, they also held a loft a banner designed to show their support for the No Art. 9 campaign ( the latest in the demonstrations against the tessera)

Vujadin BoskovBoskovULTRAS

Vujadin Boskov was without doubt a Legend Of Calcio although he had spells as AS Roma and Napoli coach he will always be remembered as the greatest coach in Sampdoria history so it is only right that tributes are paid to him. With news of his passing only breaking shortly before Sunday evening’s kick off between Atalanta and Genoa, we have not yet seen all of the tributes that will be paid to him but the La Dea ultras of the Curva Nord created a banner at the last minute to honour a great man of calcio. There was also a small number of Sampdoria Ultras present at his funeral that was held on Thursday afternoon.

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