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With the 2013/14 season coming to a close this coming weekend, we have entered that time of year when clubs begin to release their kits for the season to follow.

Here at Forza Italian Football, we will be providing you with a closer look at as many of the new kits as possible as the clubs reveal them.

The first club we will be bringing you is AC Milan.

So, lets kick this off by taking a look at the Rossoneri’s home kit for the 2014/15 season.

In recent seasons, Adidas have experimented a little with the width of the iconic red and black stripes on the Milan home shirt. This season, they’ve gone for something completely different. The shirt displays a variety of stripe sizes with the thickest, black stripe going straight down the centre, with several stripes of various proportions as you move away from the middle.

AC Milan home kit 2014/15

AC Milan home kit 2014/15

With the latest Milan kit, Adidas continue to make the button-up neck a popular feature in the world of the modern football shirt, and that’s certainly something I encourage whole-heartedly!

One of the key differences between this and last seasons home kits for the Diavolo is the crest. The home shirt will display the flag of the Comune di Milano, with the symbolic star above it, rather than the customary club crest which will still be present on the shorts and the third kit. The traditional club crest will be incorporated within the flag of the Comune in a faded silver colour and only visible from close up.

The San Siro side also revealed their third kit for next season and, well, it’s different.

AC Milan Third Kit 2014/15

AC Milan Third Kit 2014/15

The shirt is an unusual, almost faded yellow colour, with green around the neck as well as in the three stripes stripes down the sleeve.

The reasoning behind the unusual colours of the third kit is simple – to pay tribute to the many Brazilian greats who have represented the club throughout the years. So who knows, maybe Robinho will stay after all!

A nice touch I noticed in both kits is one maintaining with tradition, the customary variation of the Italy tricolour remains present in both kits in the form of a horizontal stripe across the back of each shirt.

Keep an eye out as we will bring you the Milan away kit upon release and as we go through the rest of Serie A to show you what they teams will be trotting out in next season.

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