Former Juventus coach Conte had a deal with AC Milan

Date: 16th July 2014 at 11:43pm
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Massimo Gilett, a journalist and friend of Antonio Conte’s has claimed that the former Juventus coach had a deal in place with AC Milan that led to his departure on Tuesday in what was shock severance of ties.

Conte left the Bianconeri in what is believed to be a disagreement over the transfer activities of the club so far along with the potential sale of star players like Arturo Vidal.

“I heard the news before anyone else because I was out late yesterday afternoon with Buffon and I learned about the departure with him,” Giletti told RTL Radio.

“The reaction was of a big disappointment, bitterness, but when a coach does not sign an extension after three years of success, we all know that 2015 would be the end of the relationship between Juve and Conte, and it means that something had cracked.

“I don’t think it is a secret, but Conte had an agreement with AC Milan and Juventus did not like it and I think this has led to a more complex situation.”

He was then pressed on the matter and was resolute in his response.

“I am not saying an extremely reserved thing, but I have my sources and know a few people,” Giletti said. “I think one of the many reasons was also the tension that develops after three successful years, and the desire to leave to try another experience.

“He must have considered it difficult to win the league again with the same team and it had probably pushed Conte to newer pastures, read AC Milan.”

“It is curious that the Conte was meant to go to Milan while Juventus take the former Milan man, Allegri. It is a plot worthy of Kafka [A Czech writer who’s style indicated something horribly complicated]”

“I think that anyone who comes, in this case Allegri, will have a great difficulty because it is to replace the man responsible for Juventus’ rise and 60-70% of the success of this team is due to the determination and the technical ability of Conte.”

“I have a personal relationship with Conte which runs very deep, so I’m an interested party. Juventus is going to undergo a rebuilding phase with a few new players coming in and a few departing.

“A coach who does not get to decide the players to buy will find a team with the players already decided. It’s all a very difficult, uphill road and is a great sin.”


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