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The beauty of the debutantes

  • Torres and company: the Serie A returns and presents a lot of new faces.
  • The Spaniard of AC Milan is ready: he must show that he is still a star. Lots of excitement for Evra (Juventus), Richards (Fiorentina) and Saviola (Verona). The field will show if the signings were right.

Crespo dumps Balo and charges Il Nino: “Ideal for Inzaghi.”

Tevez relief: “Juve, I am ok and want to play.” Strama arrives, there is an air of revenge

Inter, on the wall to stop the beardless Zaza

  • After the exploit with for the striker.
  • Ranocchia has studied the striker of the national team. Thohir: “Kovacic is indispensable, I will build a stadium.”

Sabatini on the attack: “Benatia? I sold his sacred image.”

Mou liquidates Guardiola: “He doesn’t like football so he loses his hair.”


Tevez: “I will play.”

  • Air of relief from the Apache: there is no muscular lesion, he can play with Udinese. But the club and Allegri put the brakes on.

Zaza, the beard goes. And Squinzi: “Juve want him right away? All they have to do is pay.”

AC Milan, El Shaarawy stop

  • Problems with an ankle. Torres ramps up Bonaventura, are in view.

Liverpool, it is already Balo mania. The jersey is snatched!

Sabatini, jabs at Benatia and Lotito

  • The Roma sporting director has something for everyone and relaunches: “Juve are closer. Garcia has a squad capable of winning the Scudetto.”

Toro at Bruges. 1000 tickets are pulverized

“Fans are upset? could care less.”

  • De Laurentiis jr hits out.

Schweinsteiger and the great Ana. What a love story

  • The Bayern star and Ivanovic.

Parigini exploit: “I am enjoying Perugia. I dream of the Granata.”

Corriere dello Sportcor

Everything changes

  • The reforms kick off to have Serie A reduced to 18 teams.
  • Serie B with 20 teams but in two years.
  • Clubs with 25 players and eight from the youth team.
  • Michele Uva will be the new general director.

Malago-Lotito back and forth

There is Tevez: “Juve I will play.”

Sabatini: “Roma are like a dream.”

The AC Milan of Torres and Pippo are born

  • Inzaghi is ready to make the new bomber debut. El Shaarawy ko.

Balotelli with the Azzurri, Conte will try

  • The CT will call him to have a in-or-out talk. Puma tremble…

-Bologna, great gala that is worth the Serie A

  • At the Adriatico a match between two greats looking to bounce back. And Wolski presents himself to Bari.

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