Joe Avicolli Date: 8th December 2014 at 7:40pm
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FIFA agent and former Massimo Briaschi believes that Atletico Madrid should fear the Old Lady ahead of the Champions League clash between the two clubs on Tuesday.

The 56-year-old has expressed his confidence in the Bianconeri and feels the Italian giants will be able to overcome the Spanish side in the ’s final group stage match in as he admits that Massimiliano Allegri’s men have remained impressive with their performances this season thus far.

Briaschi spoke to about Tuesday’s meeting between Juventus and Atletico Madrid and praised Juve striker Carlos Tevez, while also commenting on the Serie team’s chances of advancing to the knockout phase of the Champions League at the top of Group A.

“I think they can do it,” said the agent. “Juve struggled against Fiorentina a bit on Friday but they have the right players needed to beat the Spaniards.

“It’s true that Atletico are a tough obstacle to overcome, but the Juventus players are of absolute value. It’s good for Allegri to be sure of what he has while playing at home.

“It’s Atletico who must be worried. To finish the Champions League group stage at the top of their group would be a boost for Juve, and a great event. To close down first place would be very important.

“Tevez was rested for most of the Fiorentina match because he remains the strongest striker in Juve’s rotation. He may not be at top form in each game, but great players do not make mistakes in the games that count.

“The Bianconeri have now been leading the Serie A for a lifetime, but it’s not conceivable that they will always be brilliant.

“This isn’t a time of decline because of Friday night, because Fiorentina are a very good team. I’m not worried at all.”