Date: 18th May 2015 at 10:50pm
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Supporters from Fiorentina’s Curva Fiesole have called for club president Mario Cognigni to resign from the club as they feel he has forced the team in a different direction.

Additionally, the supporters also demanded an apology from coach Vincenzo Montella after recent comments made by the Italian tactician regarding the behaviour of the fans.

In an open letter addressed to the club hierarchy, the Viola faithful spoke of recent issues surrounding the team after a torrid month, especially focusing on the turmoil that followed Fiorentina’s rough exit to the Europa League, while criticising aspects of the club’s management.

The statement opened regarding Montella, who previously blasted the fan-base for a lack of respect shown after players were booed off the pitch in their 2-0 defeat at home to Sevilla.

“Firstly it seems our duty is to respond to the comments that were made in the heat of the moment made by Mr. Montella,” The fans wrote.

“It’s likely that he doesn’t understand the ‘dimension’ of the love that Florence has for its team.

“We understand that it’s hard to control the frustration of the fans after the game, but he should understand that we did not start the sarcastic chants and we want to disassociate ourselves from them as we believe that this team deserves respect for success it has had in Europe.

“But what has happened is the result of a month of constant frustration and in some cases humiliating defeats.

“We believe that Montella should apologize for accusing the fans of giving the players less than they deserve.

“He should get to know and talk to those who spend thousands of euros to support the team, and then perhaps he will be able to understand our love,”

Continuing, the statement then attacked President Mario Cognigni, ridiculing his position and claiming the burden to be on the president’s shoulders.

“Having said that, everyone has a responsibility. And the real responsibility for this situation, in our opinion does not lie with the team, not the coach who has done so much good for us and nor the fans. The real problem is the club, and we’re not talking about the need to invest more money.

“The club has distanced itself from its city.

“And the role with the most responsibility and that is most representative of the club is that of the President, a role which is filled by a person who is unknown to most, and who doesn’t even live in our city. He should take this responsibility and resign,”

The Florentine fans then concluded, beckoning owner Andrea Della Valle to re-take the reigns: “Return to your place Andrea, you represent Fiorentina in every way, you are the true president.”

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