Date: 30th June 2015 at 7:38pm
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Matteo Sereni, former goalkeeper of Lazio, Sampdoria and Torino, has been sentenced to three years and six months of imprisonment in addition to the loss of parental authority, for charges of child abuse.

The charges of which Sereni has been indicted for were brought against him by his ex-wife Silvia Cantoro, who alleges that the 40-year-old sexually abused their infant daughter while residing in a villa in Sardinia back in 2009.

Italian new agency ANSA indicated that a conclusion had been reached in court, with reports later confirming that the former football had been sentenced to three and a half years in prison, in addition to the loss of his parental authority.

The preliminary hearing was originally planned for January of this year yet was postponed until May, with the sentencing only now passed.

Sereni however continues to maintain his innocence and will launch an appeal in the near future.

“I am completely shocked,” he said.

“I have lost all faith in the justice system.

“The only thing that is keeping me alive right now is the hope that my children will know the truth.”

One of the accuser’s lawyers spoke out against the legitimacy of the evidence provided for the sentencing, after the daughter later retracted her statement and denied any of the accusations.

“This is a gravely unjust judgement and I am certainly surprised, we will definitely appeal.”

Cantoro’s lawyer, Daniele Galloppa, meanwhile said: “Justice has been served, but the psychological damage suffered can never be repayed.”

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