Date: 27th June 2015 at 6:34am
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Milan takes flight

  • Attack:  Bacca gets closer. An agreement with Mr. Bee.
  • The deal is closing with new investors.
  • The market moves.
  • Baselli and Miha in defense, they want a left-footer.

Gazzetta TV 

  • What a night with Robinho’s
  • At 23.30 live with Paraguay.
  • Guerrero (3 goals) launches Peru in the semi-final with Vidal’s Chile.


  • Lotito turns up in the investigation.
  • FIGC:  From 2016 no more recalls.”

With Imbula and Montoya, make six. Now onto Salah.

election ad for Barca, but Man City…

Roma, treasure chest worth €50m. Dutch Lazio: Clasie and Willems.

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