Date: 9th November 2015 at 9:42pm
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Gianluigi Buffon ItalyItaly and Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon believes coach Antonio Conte has created a new Italian team, and says despite his age, he still has more to offer his country.

The Azzurri will travel to face Belgium in an international friendly on Friday, and then return to Italy where Conte’s side will take on Romania the following Tuesday.

The former World Cup winner is set to lead his side in next summer’s European Championships in France, and spoke about the current team, as well as his future during the presentation of the team’s new jersey.

“Discussing Conte, is easy and not-so-easy for me,” the 37-year old keeper said.

“We’ve been together for such a long time, I was his teammate, then I had him as a coach, and again now with Italy.

“There are many things I can say, all of which are positive.

“But the best way to describe Conte is simply by watching his teams in action, the way they are in the beginning and then after one or two months.

“They improve, revolutionized, change, get shaken-up, that is what a Conte team is.”

The Italian keeper, who recently earned his 150th cap for the Azzurri then spoke on his future with the national team.

“From now until Euro 2016, I expect to continue to improve, which must culminate at the tournament itself,” he said.

“We may not win the Euros, but we have to get to the end without leaving anything by-the-side, we must give it everything we’ve got.

“It’s true, I’ve reached a certain age, but I still have a strong fighting spirit.

“I want to give everything, as I may not have many more opportunities.

“But as long as I take to the pitch with a certain drive, with the desire that I feel now, and as long as I have a certain physical condition and emotion, then I’ll keep going.

“I will not set limits on myself.”