Date: 18th November 2015 at 10:45am
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Stadiums of war

  • Nightmare of terrorism hovers over football
  • -Holland cancelled and fans evacuated over bomb scare
  • Interior Minister: ‘Grave danger for the population’
  • Meanwhile at Wembley 70,000 English and French fans sing the Marseillaise

Friendly with ends 2-2

improve, but don’t win

Conte, look out for the defence!

  • Ibra, two wonder strikes: at the Euros

BeBè are so strong

Under-21s shine, they’re on top by themselves

  • Berardi and Benassi defeat Lithuania in the opening half-hour
  • are beaten

Mancini wants Candreva in January

Juve-Milan test

Mandzukic on the hunt, Romagnoli tries to beat the masters

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