Published On: Sat, Mar 26th, 2016

Top 10 Italian stadiums

Italian stadiums are often a cause for concern as outdated facilities owned by the council hurt clubs’ finances while empty seats give a poor image of the game to an international audience.

However, the peninsula still plays host to a number of stadiums which can generate an incredible atmosphere and provide spectators with unforgettable experiences.

They may not be the best architecturally in objective terms, but here at 10 of the most enjoyable, atmospheric and charming stadiums in Italy.


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10- Stadio Dino Manuzzi- Cesena

stadio dino manuzzi


This stadium built in 1957 became the first ground in Italy to host a Serie A match on artificial turf in September 2000 as the home side were beaten 3-1 by Napoli.

This stadium underwent serious renovation work which began in 1988 and that leaves us today with a facility which is fully covered by a roof where only the main stand was left from the original facility. The Dino Manuzzi is a compact and steep ground which allows the Cesena faithful to generate an atmosphere as they don’t have to contend against open corners that let the noise escape.

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