PODCAST: Ventura nurturing Italy’s next batch of World Cup winners

The  Forza Italian Football Podcast is a two-man show this week, with Conor Clancy and Luca Gunby trying to get by without Nicholas Carroll.

As is now custom, this podcast was recorded live over on FIFTV.

Although the pod this week is something of an international special, Conor and Luca kick things off by talking about the recent Champions League quarter-final draw.

The guys then chat about Giampiero Ventura’s latest Italy squad, ahead of the upcoming games against Albania and the Netherlands, and focus in on the abundance of young talent the former Torino coach has at his disposal.

Before wrapping up, Conor and Luca both predict a positive future for the current crop of talent coming through, as well as looking at the Under-21 Azzurrini side as well.

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