Date: 2nd May 2017 at 11:42pm
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Eight different international fan clubs, including four of sides, have organised a nine-a-side football tournament in London

With London hosting international football fans around the world, a few months ago some supporters give the birth to the London Supporters League (LSL).

The nine-a-side football tournament, which will last until the end of May/early June, is hosted at the Coram Fields in Russell Square and it is played by eight different international fan clubs, including Fiorentina, Roma, Lazio, Juventus, Porto, Celtic, Olympique Lyonnais and Aston Villa.

“The idea was born last November while watching the Derby della Capitale,” said one of the organisers and Viola London Club’s press officer, Claudio Galardini.

“The two Presidents of London Fan Club and AS Roma UK Fan Club organised a friendly match between the two and then thought to set up a proper tournament including different supporter clubs based in London.”

Indeed, the organisation began with eight people chatting in a pub but, in two and an half months, the project became real.

“The tournament is formed by nine-a-side teams,” Galardini added.

“After everyone has played against everyone, the best four teams will go into a play-off – a sort of ‘Champions League’ – while the last four in the table play in the ‘Europa League’.

“In addition, the Famous 3 Kings pub based in South Kensington is our sponsor for the entire tournament.”

The success of the LSL got the organisers thinking, and they have decided to try to set-up another tournament later in the year, around September/October including fan clubs of even more international teams.

“We had positive feedback and other fan clubs based in London asked to be involved.

“Indeed, our aim will be to organise it again in September/October and including more teams too,” Claudio continued.
“Moreover, Lyone and have received exposure from their own club too.

“We are really happy and also surprised of how it is going.”

For upcoming fixtures, tables and updates, check LSL’s Facebook page.

Teams involved:
• AS Roma UK
• ACF London
Club Londra
• FC of London
• Lyondoners
• West London
• AVFC London Lions

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