Zidane: Cristiano Ronaldo will stay a Real Madrid player

Date:27th May 2018 at 12:42am
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After Real Madrid won their 13th Champions League, Los Blancos coach Zinedine Zidane was adamant that the focus should be on the team’s achievements and not the future of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gareth Bale was the man of the match for Real Madrid as they overcame Liverpool 3-1 to win their third consecutive Champions League crown.

A calamitous display from Loris Karius from Loris Karius, as well as an early injury to Mohamed Salah made a tough night for Liverpool even worse.

A goalless first half was notable as Salah went off in tears after dislocating his shoulder. Then early in the second, Karius threw the ball into Karim Benzema and the ball tricked into he goal.

Following a quick Saido Mane equaliser, substitute Gareth Bale scored quite possibly the best ever goal seen in a Champions League final, bagging an overhead kick from the edge of the penalty area.

The Welshman then smashed in his second from 30 yards, though much of the culpability will be laid at the door of Karius who let the ball slip through his fingers.

Was Bale’s goal better or yours?

“I can’t say one is better than the others as they were all great for the history of Real Madrid, so I’ll say his was better than mine.

Are you thinking about what Ronaldo said post match?

“No that’s not what I’m thinking about. We’ll be thinking about now, and thinking about tonight’s game, and the achievement of tonight. Focussing only on that, then we will see. Cristiano has to stay at Real Madrid.

Difference winning as coach and player?

“It’s a continuation, I’ve been saying this recently. I love football I like what I was doing as a footballer and now as a manager. It isn’t whether I prefer to be a coach or a manager. What I’m living is spectacular and have to enjoy the moment.

Would you like another season like this?

“No, at the beginning of the season you want to win everything and of course I’m not happy with LaLiga or the Copa del Rey. We have to congratulate the players as it isn’t easy to do what they have done. The best thing is that these players don’t have a ceiling.

Is LaLiga the best league?

“I don’t know. I can say that it is highly competitive and it is the most beautiful one. At the end of the day, when you look at LaLiga and the Spain national team, the style of football is the one I really like the best.

What about Cristiano’s future?

“Cristiano will stay with Real Madrid, but we have to see. I think he is a Real player and we cannot describe what he has done in his career.

What did Klopp and Florentino Perez say to you at the end?

“Both congratulated me. I spoke with the president and he also congratulated the team.

What’s the secret to Real Madrid’s success?

“There isn’t one. Hard work and talent. I don’t have to say this. We know we have always had great talent, and with that there is a lot of hard work. They have enthusiasm and are hungry for more goals and wins. The most important thing is to get to the final, beating PSG, Juventus, Bayern Munich and now beating Liverpool. This last cup win is unprecedented.

What about Carvajal’s tears? And can you clarify Cristiano’s future?

“Perhaps in three or four days time, he might say something else. I really think we have to consider the achievements of this moment. We are sorry for Carvajal, and we tried to make him feel better at half-time, but in the end he has also won the Champions League.

And what about Bale staying at Real Madrid?

“His situation is a bit more complicated. Everyone has their own interests and future to think about. This is a squad and nothing will change. As I always do, I try to do my best and the best for the team. From time to time, some players deserve more time on the pitch, and I understand a player who wants to play more, he made the difference on the pitch tonight so it is natural for him to want more playing time.