Liverpool fans already in Napoli ahead of Champions League encounter

Date:2nd October 2018 at 9:00am
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Despite Napoli not entertaining Liverpool in the Champions League until Wednesday night, the first English supporters have already started arriving in the city days in advance of the match.

It is estimated that some 150 fans of the Premier League club are already enjoying the sights and sounds of a city that attracts plenty of tourists throughout the year, and are expected to total around 2700 in full.

When matchday arrives, though, the supporters will be escorted to the Stadio San Paolo by local authorities and warned not to use public transport in an attempt to reduce clashes between rival groups.

“The organisation [Neapolitan Police Force] is doing its best,” Antonio de Iesu told the press.

“We have been working for some time to plan everything in the right way, we are also in contact with the British police.

“You cannot guard all the areas, but security will be provided at places where the English can spend hours of leisure. There will be appropriate bans in the most sensitive areas.

“I hope that the Neapolitan fans will spend use their energy supporting the team and showing a high level of maturity.”


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