Klopp: The win is for Liverpool fans all over the world

Date:2nd June 2019 at 12:44am
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After beating Tottenham 2-0 in the Champions League final, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp dedicated the victory to the fans all over the world.

An early Mohamed Salah penalty then a late Divock Origi strike gave the Reds their sixth Champions League crown, though Spurs did have eight shots on goal to Liverpool’s three, as well as 65 percent possession.

“This is for all he people all over the world who are celebrating,” Klopp told the press. “I feel relieved, and I also feel relieved mostly for my family.

“We were all pretty much crying on the pitch, it was so motional and it means so much to us.

“Result was the difference, tonight it was a big challenge with three weeks and no game. It was a fight, and the boys showed resilience.

“I’m happy for the players. Jordan Henderson is Captain of the UCL winners 2019. Saying that is satisfying.”

Looking at the game, Klopp reserved special praise for goalkeeper Alisson and defender Virgil van Dijk, who won man of the match.

“Alisson had to made a few saves,” Klopp went on. “Virgil had a sensational game.

“I know how Tottenham feel right now. Better than anyone in the world. We scored the goals in the right moment.

“Tonight is very emotional, overwhelming. Im much calmer than I thought. It wasn’t important for me to touch the cup, but seeing a few faces in the crowd gave me all I need.

“My life is better than I expected, and winning is good, but it is for the other people.

“We will win things, we want to win things, this is only the start for this group, they have the best years ahead of them.

“When we drive through Liverpool tomorrow, that will be when we realise what we have done.

“I told UEFA already we will be there [in Istanbul] next year. Making Istanbul a target for next season is definitely something, but it will be hard.”

“My job is to take responsibility which gives my players freedom to play football. After the final last year when we went home, it wasn’t good.”