Date: 31st August 2019 at 9:21pm
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STADIO SAN SIRO () Giampaolo was adamant in saying need to work to improve, after his side got the first win of the 2019/20 A season, beating Brescia 1-0.

The coach also believes all players can be useful, explaining why he picked Andre over Krzysztof from the start.

“I liked the team for as long it was in control of the game, as long as it had the energy to be in control,” Giampaolo told reporters after the match.

“We gave them no chances for most of the game, then we lost control late in the second half, and the game opened up, we had more space, so did they – we created more chances, but we risked a bit more too.

“I liked the spirit today, but we have to improve.

Giampaolo played Andre Silva from the start, with Piatek relegated to the bench in a surprising move which he felt was needed.

“I needed Andre [Silva] to play more with the team, I needed his abilities. Piatek is more attacking.

Milan should use all the resources in the squad. Andre Silva did well in training, and perhaps is in better shape now compared to Piatek. It was a decision also based on our opponent.

“Everyone is useful, there are now fixed starting players in my team.”

Despite the result, Giampaolo was adamant in saying that only hard work will be the key to consistency and success.

“We can always improve, only time will tell what we’re missing,” he added.

“We just have to think about improving, and nothing else.

“I won’t be able to work much during the international break, as 16 players will be away, but all I can do is work hard, only work can make you improve.”