Adriano Boin Date:12th September 2019 at 7:30am
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Inter and AC Milan are looking to build a 60,000 capacity stadium at a cost of €605 million to replace the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza according to reports.

The two Milan giants currently share the same arena, but both are keen to play in an updated venue, meaning a departure from the iconic structure.

Corriere della Sera reports it would cost €45m to destroy the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, with a new €605m stadium being built next to it in the San Siro part of the city.

It’s believed the venue would hold 60,000 people, with that number able to come down to 55,000 based on the event.

That’s because the number of premium seats would change depending on the event. Corporate tickets would stand at 12,500 for derby battles with 6,000 going to both clubs.

A match featuring a top-six side would drop to 10,300 seats, while all other matches would drop to 8,000 premium seats with 1,000 going to the away side.

The venue would not be covered entirely, and both clubs are keen to build a system that would allow them to change the colour scheme and iconography depending on which of the two clubs is playing.