Adriano Boin Date: 8th November 2019 at 12:59am
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Brescia Ultras have released a statement backing Hellas Verona fans, not Mario Balotelli, after the recent display of racist abuse in Italy.

The striker made headlines during Sunday’s match when he kicked the ball into the stands after Gialloblu fans were heard making monkey noises at him.

Despite video proving otherwise, Verona coach Ivan Juric, President Maurizio Setti and the mayor of the city have all rushed to defend the fans.

Unfortunately that trend was continued by members of the Brescia Ultras, who opted to hit out at Balotelli for his perceived arrogance, while defending Luca Castellini, the Verona fan who was banned until 2030 for his comments in a recent interview.

“The declarations of one of the leaders of the Verona Curva cannot justify the witch-hunt sparked by the media in yet another attempt to criminalize and destroy the world of the Curva,” read a statement.

“This doesn’t mean that certain chants are legitimate or allowed, but neither are all Verona fans racists and the Verona Curva some sort of KKK group.

“The arrogance that is continually shown by this person [Balotelli] isn’t justifiable, especially when that is brought to the field and becomes a way to destabilize the team and is embarrassing for the fans.

“We have absolute no doubts that Balotelli is to all intents Italian, and even Bresciano, but the arrogance he continues to show is unjustifiable.

“His feats on and off the field, the celebrated ‘Balotellate’, are all too well known.

“What’s more important is the spirit of sacrifice, passion, respect, motivation, and sweating for the shirt, concepts that appear unknown to him.”