Adriano Boin Date: 27th February 2020 at 6:09am
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Inter’s Curva Nord has advised Nerazzurri fans not to buy tickets for Sunday’s match against Juventus even though they are still for sale, as should the match be played without fans, the Turin club won’t give them a refund.

The Derby d’Italia is expected to be one of five Serie A matches to be played behind closed doors this weekend due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

However a final decision hasn’t been made official by the Lega Serie A as of yet, and as a result La Gazzetta dello Sport reports there is still a chance fans will be allowed to watch the big match at the Allianz Stadium as the Bianconeri haven’t stopped selling tickets for the game.

Regardless of whether or not there is a last minute decision to let fans in, Inter’s Curva Nord will not be present and they’re advising all Nerazzurri fans to follow suit as they won’t get their money back should the match be played behind closed doors.

“The Curva Nord advises all Inter fans not to buy tickets that are still available in the away section for Sunday’s match in Turin,” read a statement by the group.

“Even though it may seem paradoxical, the decision to play behind closed doors has not been made official, therefore the Turin club – who doesn’t deserve to be mentioned on this page – is continuing to sell tickets and can do so up to 24 hours before the match.

“Even with respect for one’s own understanding, it seems certain that once it is announced that the match will be played without fans, it won’t result in a refund.

“The Curva Nord has decide that even if the match happens to be played with fans, they won’t be present in Turin regardless.”