Conor Clancy Date: 12th February 2020 at 4:35pm
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Inter have won the first round of their battle with David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

The two clubs are in a dispute over the naming rights, with the Italians unhappy that Beckham chose to use ‘Inter’ as part of the new franchise’s branding.

Ready to debut in Major League Soccer next month, the Miami club may have to change their name in the near future.

The Italian club filed a complaint to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for trademark infringement.

Inter Miami’s argument was dismissed, and they could have to change their name before making their March MLS debut.

The Italian side’s claim is that the name ‘Inter’ is synonymous with them, and that any mention of the club’s name would lead to an immediate association with them, rather than the new American club.