Date: 6th March 2020 at 3:48pm
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UEFA Aleksander Ceferin has said he is in discussion with other officials to look at making changes to the way offside is looked at by in Champions League and Europa League games.

Offside decisions awarded by the technology have received wide spread criticism from players, coaches, pundits and fans as the often tiny margins being scrutinised by officials are thought by many to be ruining the game.

Ceferin believes that the implementation of thicker offside will help to solve the problem.

“An inch of offside is not offside. This is not the meaning of the rule,” Ceferin said during an interview with Sky Sports.

“It must be a obvious mistake to make VAR intervene. The thicker lines are essential they are not drawn in a subjective way.”

“At the moment we risk ruining a club’s season for an inch.”

Ceferin also feels that handball decisions are now starting to become a problem because of the implementation of VAR and need to be addressed.

“For me, handball is also a problem,” he added.

“But I don’t know what do about it. We are discussing it a lot with our referees.”