Date:14th March 2020 at 1:58pm
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Soccer is a great game to play, especially for kids who are active, with a keen interest in sports. The main objective of the game is to be able to get the ball through the goal and prevent the other team from doing the same. In order to do so, the team players must be skilled in ball handling, and this includes ball passing.

In order to be successful in training, having the right equipment is imperative. This is because there are instances wherein improper equipment may just leave you frustrated, but with a Quickplay Sport replay ball, you may be able to hit the ball each time. This is because it is a soccer ball that comes back to you, providing you with the ability of training on your own. Aside from the right equipment, below is a soccer passing practice guide that will help you level up in handling the ball and achieving the goal of the game.

Individual Passing Drills

  • Pass the ball against a wall or on a surface, wherein it will rebound. In this method, you will be able to develop your accuracy in attempting to hit the ball each and every time it bounces back from the wall.
  • Pass the ball to a certain target. The goal of this drill is to be able to place the ball as close to the target as possible, rather than hitting the target itself.

Passing With A Partner

  • Stationary Passing. A stationary passing will allow you to focus on your first touch, which should be outside of your feet, but within the perfect distance. In this way, all you need to do is a small hop and pass, without leaving your initial position.
  • Moving Passing. In this drill, both you and your partner need to move at a certain pace, while passing the ball to each other. As much as possible, pass the ball in the open space that your partner is running into, to give him the opportunity of passing the ball back to you. Hence, you need to be able to focus on the appropriate strength of your pass too, because passing the ball too hard may cause it to go past your partner, while your partner may not be able to get hold of the ball if you pass it too soft.

Trio Passing Drills

Another effective passing drill is to be able to pass the ball between three players. All the players need to do is to form a triangle. Trio passing drills are effective because players are focused on an accurate pass regardless of where they receive the ball. Increase the size of your formation as soon as your skills in passing level up.

To wrap things up, encourage your children to play soccer or consider playing soccer as well. Train your kids by practicing ball handling drills with them. Aside from having a fun and engaging physical activity, which is good for your body, you will also be able to instill sportsmanship and discipline to your children through soccer.